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Doi Ilish Recipe


Ilish , also spelled Elish, is a popular fish in Bengal and Orissa, the national fish of Bangladesh. Doi Ilish gives a sour & spicy taste to the already tasty Ilish. This recipe is very easy to prepare.

Ilish Bhaja Recipe


Ilish is one of most popular fishes of Bengal, being a seasonal fish it is relished all throughout the season in all possible variations. This fried recipe is a hard-core favourite side dish for rice & khichudi.

Bhapa Illish Recipe

Bhappa Illish

Hilsa or Ilish  is the most popular fish to Bengalis . In this recipe Illish fish is prepared with mustard seeds paste and then steamed. Ilish can be cooked in very little oil since the fish itself is very oily. This dish is very easy yet very delicious.