Prawn Pulao


This prawn pulao is a welcome change from other meat pulao & biriyani, prepared all throughout India in varying styles & tastes. It’s easy to prepare but tastes awesome, try this for your guests & family.

Gujiya Recipe


A sweet dumpling which has it’s origins in northern states of India, made of wheat flour stuffed with khoya & coconut. It is made usually during the festival of Holi.

Kanji Recipe


Kanji is a staple diet of Kerala, enjoyed by the rich & the poor alike. It has many variations, this recipe is the simplest form of it. Best enjoyed with pickle or green lentils.

Kaachiya Moru Recipe


Kaachiya Moru is a traditional and simple south Indian curry, regularly prepared at home to add flavour to the curd and it helps cool the body during the hot summer months.