Silli Boti Recipe


Silli Boti is a type of kebab, the only difference being it’s not baked but shallow fried in oil. Makes a wonderful as a snack or appetizers.

Surmai Fish Fry Recipe


Kingfish, or Surmai, as it popularly known as, is a delicacy in the Indian subcontinent. It’s generally prepared when fresh, this Kingfish fry recipe is wonderfully blended with spices to impart a rich flavour to the fish.

Keema Samosa Recipe


Keema Samosa makes wonderful snack for a cold/rainy day, adds flavour & taste to the classic samosa, much to the liking of non-vegetarians. Easy to prepare and can be stored for a day.

Suji ka Halwa Recipe


Semolina Pudding/ Suji ka halwa is a very common and delicious desert prepared all over India. It is easy to prepare with few easily available ingredients.